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Tillamook Distance Project

Increasing the expectations for Cross Country & Track at THS.

2016 State Champions in Cross Country

First ever trophy for a girls team.

New School Record in 4X400m Relay

Ultimook Race

Over 80 teams and 2,000 participants.

2016 Track & Field

4th place team finish

4 individual 1st places

Our Core Values

Monday - Work Hard

Every day we will put in the hard work no matter the circumstance.

Tuesday - Confidence

Believe in yourself.  Believe in your teammates.  Believe in your team.

Wednesday - Mentally Tough

An athlete does not only train their body, they train their mind.  Adapt & achieve.

Thursday - Respect

If you want respect, you must respect.

Friday - Pride

Show pride in your stride.

Meet Day - Visualize Success

Success happens twice, the first time in your mind, the 2nd time in competition.

Meet Day - Team First

Think team first & special things happen to you & your team.

Team Rules

  1.   Practices are required to compete in meets.  With an excused absence, tell your coach and find out what you should be doing to make up for practice.  Do not use a friend as a messenger.  Send a text to your coach or visit him prior to practice.  Do not assume your reason is excused (e.g. studying for tests are not excused without good communication with coaches and making up the workouts).
  2.   Represent the school and the team positively at track meets.  We always help with hurdles at meets unless your event is before or after.
  3.   Stay at practice and on task the entire time.
  4.   Don’t talk when the coach is talking.
  5.   No foul language at track meets and practice.
  6.   You are responsible for the equipment that you use.  If you use a piece of equipment, put it away.
  7.   Fundraising is a team event and participation is required.  No one can compete past mid-April without participating in the 2 fundraisers and/or raising $100 or more (goal $150, $100 minimum).


Coach Contact Informaton

Head Coach:  Patrick Zweifel, 503.815.3762 (office), 503.812.9190 (cell),

Assistant Coach:  Don Willis, 650.868.2533 (cell), 503.374.9755 (home),

Assistant Coach:  Bruce Boldenow, 541.223.1472,

Assistant Coach:  David Fitting, 425.503.9468,

Assistant Coach:  Laura Whitlatch, 503.842.7838, 

Assistant Coach:  Havilah Patching, 503.812.3391,

Assistant Coach:  Garet Neal, 503.887.6311,


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