9 Mook Runners attended Steens Mountain Running Camp in 2013.  This is the most Mook runners who attended the camp since the late 80’s.  Coach Zweifel also attended as a camp coach.

I believe Steens Mountain running camp is instrumental for personal development as an All-State runner as well as the precursor for team success. This camp will test your limits and teach you about teamwork.  See more information about Steens Mountain running camp at www.steensmrc.net.

If you decide to go to camp, The Tillamook Distance Project will pay for 1/2 the cost.  See coach Zweifel about this.  This applies to junior high kids as well.  However, camp generally fills up by March, so your registration papers and $100 deposit needs to be in by the 1st of March to be ensured a spot in camp.